A can stack some blocks

September 5, 2011

A (Now 1 year, 9 months) has recently taken an interest in stacking blocks. This consists of climbing on the ottoman next to the low shelf which holds the box of blocks and stacking them, the tall way. When she gets about three up (she’s too short to do four the tall way), she throws her hands in the air and yells “YAY!” She expects you will do the same at that point.

Now if only she’d learn to clean blocks UP.

It was also less than a week ago (Friday night, if I remember correctly) that she for the first time obeyed a command with something useful. Like the other two girls, her first incident of following directions was taking something to put in the trash (a baby wipe). This is one of my favorite milestones as it seems to presage usefulness in a child.


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