Baby Boy Clothing

September 5, 2011

We had a milk crate full* and got a big bag as a gift a few weeks back. Since this was taking up a ton of space on the top rack in the laundry closet, I just pulled it down and sorted- made space in A’s dresser for two drawers worth. Pulled all the NB and 0-3 month stuff and sorted into two drawers- PJs/pants and shirts/onesies.

We have a ton of 3 month stuff, not a ton of newborn stuff. This is only a problem if Pascal is REALLY tiny. I think I have a couple pairs of newborn pajamas from the girls which are gender-neutral as well I can break out… lots of their stuff to go through.

I’ve been trying to concentrate on acquiring pajamas since that’s what A lived in the first few months (no adorable onesies for her) and he’s coming same time of the year.

*I just realized I am still actively using these milk crates I bought in college. We used to hang them from the moldings with hooks for sweaters and stuff and I’ve transported stuff in them every time I’ve moved. Now they’re all on the top of my laundry closet holding cleaning supplies and baby boy clothing.


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