Organic Shampoo

September 5, 2011

This is going to read pretty boring, but I started writing here to be self-indulgent, so whatever.

For the past…. eh, 6-9 months, I’ve been using random shampoo, whatever’s around. A combination of Pantene (that’s been sitting there forever since Sean shaved his head like four years ago), T-Gel (which I kept for dandruff emergencies), Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, and nothing… I’ll happily go a few days without shampooing at all, especially now that I’m not working out.

For conditioner, when I did it at all, it was some sort of giant green bottle that came from Costco. I mostly didn’t bother.

I hadn’t really noticed how cruddy my hair had gotten because of this until I went to Lush near my parents’ house last weekend and loaded up with things I’ve liked in the past. Squeaky Green bar shampoo, American Cream conditioner (which I love mostly for the smell, but this time around I’m noticing I like the feel of it as well), Soak and Float shampoo for dandruff emergencies*, and something new to try called R&B, which is sort of a combination of styling cream and leave-in conditioner for ends.

So I’ve been using these items for about four days now. And this morning, upon wandering into the bathroom in the am, I noticed that my hair looked really, really good. It’s just hanging nicely, even after sleep. Yep, the refresh on the Lush supplies is working, and now I’m wondering why I let myself go so long. There’s none near me, but apparently ordering from Lush UK is the way to go.

Also, Jillian Michaels likes me using natural hair products. And also, American Cream smells awesome and prompted me to dig out my American Cream solid perfume.

I bought Karma to try on C’s hair. We’ll see how that goes. I also got a big Mask of Magnaminty and a big Ocean Salt, which I love for my face if I really feel gross. My skin’s been good lately, so hopefully it’ll stay that way.

*I get dandruff emergencies, have since I was a teenager. Though Squeaky Green staves off the worst of them, sometimes I need something stronger like the not-very-good-smelling Soak and Float for a few days to clear it up.


2 Responses to “Organic Shampoo”

  1. Amanda said

    Is Soak and Float the one that smells like dog food? I also have dandruff emergencies and am looking for a remedy.

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