Projects and Goals

September 5, 2011

Is it nesting? Not sure. But I’m making an effort to do some sort of house project every weekend that needs doing (or two). And I’m going to keep track of them here.

This weekend’s main goal: Hang my new Ikea Frack mirror.  Will do this tomorrow.  Unloading it tonight to look over and see what I need.

Also cleaned out and sorted kids’ toys.  Also looked for baskets to put shoes in for a future project- no luck yet.  Will also hang spray-painted frames in the hallway tomorrow, including a blank one that’s meant for a picture of Pascal.  (Need new 8×10 white frame for a group pic of the kids as well, since that’s what the fourth was holding before.)

Next weekend’s main goal not yet decided.  Possibly clean out garage.  It could really use it.  Secondary goals include a trip to Costco for new Pyrex containers for the kitchen (because Jillian Michaels wants me to stop carrying my lunch in plastic, and especially microwaving in plastic, and I fear Jillian Michaels) and to World Market to look at more baskets.


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