School supplies

September 5, 2011

So this is how I coordinated three kids in three different classes (C promoted to K5, R promoted to K4, A promoted to Toddler in the early summer) with three different lists of school supplies due on 9/6.

I took the lists and stapled each one to a brown paper grocery bag on the kitchen table. They’ve been living there for a few weeks now. Good thing we rarely use the kitchen table. I went down them and threw in stuff we had right then.

We accumulated a few other things over the past few weeks, particularly when a relative visited and brought the girls all gift bags of dollar store fun stuff, including crayons and coloring books (both on the list). I picked up a few more things at Walmart one day when it was tax-free weekend and I happened to be there (didn’t have the lists with me, but made a few guesses).

As I added things to the bags, I checked them off on the lists on the fronts. Last week, put the last things on each one on my shopping list (I am using the Out of Milk Droid app). Went out yesterday in search. Already wrote about that- I’m actually angry at Target- but got almost everything. Threw it all into the right bags and made more check marks.

I’m down to “two changes of clothing” and “box of tissue” for each girl. Will do the extra clothes today and the tissues are just going to have to wait until after our Costco run next weekend. Tonight, I’ll go through each bag and write names on all applicable items. Tomorrow, I can just drop them all in the car to carry to new classes.

Okay, well, I was proud of this system… good lord, next year I’ll be doing this for four. This is scary.


2 Responses to “School supplies”

  1. They need school supplies for daycare?? Aside from diapers, wipes and a change of clothes, everything is included for us…

    • Our daycare’s also a preschool starting at about 2 years old. So yep! Crayons, glue, a bunch of things like that. Plus stuff for the classroom like a box of tissues and a box of plastic bags. Then the diapers and wipes for A, and sheets and blankets for all of them for naptime.

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