What am I doing here?

September 5, 2011

This is intended to be a replacement for two blogs- my old personal LJ blog, and my WordPress.org hosted blog. LJ is going by the wayside because hardly anyone’s there anymore, though I need to find a way to back it up, since there’s years worth of stuff there. And my WordPress.org blog went by the wayside because WordPress.org was too hard for me, and trying to do a formal BLOG blog was intimidating and too much work. I felt too obligated to it.

So, trying here for a while, and planning to write just about what I feel like writing about, though designed to be public. I’m going to get a few more entries up before I tell anyone this is here.


2 Responses to “What am I doing here?”

  1. Erin said

    You can use http://www.ljbook.com/ to back up the LJ. I’ve used it before and it works pretty well.

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