28 weeks, 3 days

September 6, 2011

Didn’t sleep well last night. Kept waking up because my stomach HURT. I think it’s Pascal’s positioning- every time, I’d put my hand down and rub where it hurt most (usually left upper quadrant) and find something large and hard pressed up from inside.

Helloooooo, baby butt!

I’d try to give him a little shove away and he’d shove back. And then he’d be up and bopping around. Party boy, I get it.

Every time I roll over at night is an event which means everything from my waist down cracks. And it wakes me up enough to realize I need to go to the bathroom, and then I have to get up and go. I’m not sure how often this happens but it’s a lot. Probably 5+ times per night.

In the past, I’ve taken Benadryl to help me sleep a bit more soundly, but when I did it this time around I woke up groggy and feeling hung over. Maybe I should try doing it a bit earlier… or taking a half.

He’s also poky, more so than I remember the girls being this early on. Sharp little knees and elbows that HURT. Stronger? Feistier? Just bad memory?


One Response to “28 weeks, 3 days”

  1. I had the hardest time sleeping when pregnant with Thomas. He moved a lot. I couldn’t turn around in bed (everything cracked for me too and it was quite painful). Plus, I had bad stomach pain (heartburn type pain).
    Maybe it’s boy related…

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