28 weeks and leg cramps

September 6, 2011

Pascal treated me early Friday morning (9/2) to my first nightmarish leg cramp.  I had about 4-8 of them in each previous pregnancy (though I feel like they started sooner.  I should look in my LJ and check).

They’re always my left calf.  Always wake me from a sound sleep.  Sometimes I half-wake-up (which I do a lot anyway) and feel them coming on, and I may even have stopped one or two by stretching from the heel.  This particular one I did feel coming (couldn’t stop it, though).  But more often, I just wake up in screaming pain, and I’m sore for at least four days afterward.

They HURT.  More than anything else I have ever felt in my entire life at any one particular moment.  They last 30-60 seconds and there is not a damn thing I can do about them.  I cannot stretch and I cannot “get down and walk around”.  I cannot MOVE while the cramp is actually happening, and people, if you think that’s an appropriate treatment, you have not experienced a cramp quite like this.

Usually I sort of scream and pound my husband.  (I can move an arm, usually.)  Sometimes he wakes up and sometimes he doesn’t.  (Very heavy sleeper).  All he’s ever been able to do is a put a hand on my calf- the warmth of a hand maybe helps it pass a TINY bit quicker?  He’s at least sympathetic about them.

I expect more.


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