September 6, 2011

Sean has a sore right shoulder. Not sure why. He seems to think a magical shot from the doctor will cure it. Being experienced with sore muscles (and a former student athletic trainer), I have told him to try ibuprofen, lots of it, and possibly an ice pack or a heat pack (depending on whether we’re talking just painful, or tight and painful.) Also told him to shift the position in which he holds his mouse when gaming.

He finally told me it wasn’t working, and he’d been taking the orange pills in the glass bottle in the bathroom, and were they ibuprofen?

They don’t look like it. And yes, I know it’s bad to not know what the pills you put in a (pretty) generic bottle are, but yeah, I don’t. (Leaving aside from the moment why he’s been taking them 4 at a time if he’s not sure what they are…) Generally I know what is in those bottles without a problem but these ones snuck by me.

Finally, I agreed I wasn’t sure what they were and we really should find out before he KEEPS TAKING THEM, so I had him bring me one where I was sitting at the computer.

Me: Honey, it is ibuprofen. Despite it not being small and red.
Him: How do you know?
Me: Um… I just looked at it and knew from my vast knowledge of drug appearances. I GOOGLED IT.

“44-393 orange pill” is indeed Walgreens brand ibuprofen. No wonder I threw it in a bottle without paying much attention, though it is odd to see an orange ibuprofen.

Yahoo Answers, by the way, supplied me with the following answer:

“eat it and see what happens

take the red pill, you go back to wonderland
take the blue pill, and I’ll show you deep the rabbit hole goes”


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