Not in Heels

September 7, 2011

I’ve now been pregnant for 38 weeks (C), 35 weeks (R), 37 weeks (A), and so far 28 with Pascal.

And this is the first time I’ve ever given in and worn flat shoes. FIRST TIME EVER in 138 weeks of pregnancy. (Unrelated- 138 weeks? Dang.)

I wear tall shoes. It’s what I do. I’m 5’3 on a good day, but since I wear tall shoes, people don’t NOTICE that I’m short. Ever since I bought my first couple pairs of cute shoes at Target years ago and gotten compliments on them and become a sucker for shoe compliments and comments about OMG HOW DO YOU DO THAT WITH THAT GIANT TUMMY.

But last week, after traveling for vacation, I just got TIRED. My legs and feet are just plain tired, more than I ever remember my feet being during a pregnancy. Yes, I weigh a bit more this time, but not enough more that it should make a huge difference, and I never ever had foot problems before. No swelling. No soreness. Everything ELSE has hurt, but not my feet.

Not until now. And I think my ankles look just a little swollen. Not fair!* But I wore my new black mary jane flats (with velcro straps, from the kids’ dept) today. They need some breaking in on the heel, but yeah, it felt good to walk flat.

A college friend of mine, pregnant with her first, noted on Facebook the other day that they would never get her out of her heels. That’s what I said. Hopefully she can stick to it. (And I have all faith she’ll be able to unless she gets to a fourth pregnancy within five years, and then questionable, but I’m rooting for her.)

Oh well, it’s only for 10-12 weeks.


*I still don’t have stretch marks.  I am grateful for this and will gladly submit to a little bit of foot swelling in exchange.  Foot swelling isn’t permanent.  And this makes me happy and thankful to God and my mother (for good genes) every single day.  I’ll say it again- not one single stretch mark!


2 Responses to “Not in Heels”

  1. 4 pregnancies and no stretch marks? I’m jealous. I got stretch mark just from getting hips during puberty (!!)

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