September 7, 2011

We buy Harris Teeter ready-made pizza dough in bags. Whole wheat. We look for it on sale for $1.29 a bag. It freezes well.

I have learned not to try and make a pizza from it as I cannot make one that isn’t too thin/saggy on the bottom. Haven’t figured out how. Instead. I roll it out on my pie sheet (big and flat), using flour if the rolling pin sticks. (Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Tonight it did.) I roll it roughly rectangular as big as I can get it.

Spread pizza sauce down the center third (long way). About half a jar. Then whatever toppings you want. Pepperoni, onions, and peppers are what we usually use. Cheese. I keep meaning to do it with alfredo, spinach, and artichoke hearts. Or pineapple and black olives (which are my personal favorite pizza toppings for if I get my own side).

Cut the sides in strips about an inch wide on one side, then roughly match the cuts on the other side. This is easy enough to do with a knife. The sides don’t have to be even, just an even number of strips. It’s fine if (due to the irregular nature of the rectangle) some are longer than others. That’s actually what’s good about this method. You can stretch out strips that are too short, it holds together even if there are little gaps, and you don’t have to pinch anything together and make it stick.

Then cross them over in X’s one set of strips at a time. Here’s a picture of sort of how that looks,

Bake at 450 or so for 10 minutes or so, let sit a couple minutes before cutting with a pizza cutter.


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