Quick First Week of School Update

September 8, 2011

C and R have been VERY excited about school this week- C in Miss Emily’s class (K5) and R in Miss Denise’s class (K4- the class C just left). I don’t really know Miss Emily- she’s not there in early am, so I drop them both off in Miss Denise’s room.

Miss Denise is really happy to have R and I’m happy to have her with Miss Denise- we really liked her with C. For some reason, though C would talk all about her at home and say only good things, C was (and is) very quiet around her when we are all in the same room. She clams up and hides behind me. I’d wonder if she and Miss Denise had an issue, if she didn’t say so many nice things at home, and if Miss Denise didn’t speak so enthusiastically about her. So we like Miss Denise, and I’m glad to see R there.

I don’t know Miss Emily, again, but Sean picks C up from there and has known Miss Emily for a while since sometimes C went there in the afternoons. He likes her a lot, and so far C is very excited about her.

(Today, she told me with great enthusiasm: “You know what we do in Miss Emily’s class? WE SLEEP! And this new girl Katie went pee pee on her mat! She didn’t make it to the potty! PEE PEE ON HER MAT!” Apparently this was quite an event. I’m surprised she didn’t sleep through it. Kid still is a great napper at 4.5. She takes after me.)

C also came home with a very cute necklace of beads spelling out her name that they made in class. Awwwwwww.

And A has been doing well being dropped off alone in the K2 class (well, alone as in without R). The toddler teacher isn’t there in the early am either so she goes to K2. Doesn’t even seem to miss R. She gets some cereal and a banana and is happy as a clam, doesn’t even see me leaving. I can’t wait to see her go there… we love the teachers there too, they’re two of my favorites.

So all’s well at school so far for the year. It’s fun especially seeing C so excited and thinking it’ll be just a year until she’s in kindergarten…


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