Sleep at 28 weeks, 5 days

September 8, 2011

I tried taking Benadryl* very early last night- around 7 pm. If I hadn’t mentioned previously, I’m having trouble with it this pregnancy making me feel awful and cruddy and hung over in the morning.

Helped a LOT taking it early. I only woke up 2-3 times to use the bathroom instead of 6-8. And I didn’t have that cruddy feeling this morning. (Also may have helped that I went to bed at 830 pm last night). Of course, I forgot to take it early tonight and now feel like it’s too late.

In other news, I’m having HORRIBLE restless leg syndrome when I lay down to go to bed every night. My ankles and feet just WANT TO TWITCH. I can’t settle. So every few minutes I’m moving them around. Probably good for my circulation, bad for falling asleep.

In good sleep news, as of this week Nick at Nite is showing Friends reruns every night, which is made of absolute win. I haven’t wanted to listen to TV while going to sleep in YEARS.

*Fun story about the Benadryl thing. I was 37 weeks pregnant with C. I went in for my appointment and saw the PA at my practice instead of my usual doctor. The PA asked me how I was feeling and I burst into tears for no good reason. (Well, I was tired and uncomfortable, but seriously, that was the only reason, and that’s not enough reason to SOB in front of someone you hardly know.) She suggested taking Benadryl to try and get more sleep. I asked her if you could get addicted to Benadryl as a sleeping medicine and she thought that was funny, so I felt better. I started taking it that week and C was born one week and one day later. I remembered this VERY well in my next two pregnancies and never really got badly mentally altered from lack of sleep again. I mean exhausted, yes, but exhausted to the point where I’m crying for no good reason, no. (Hormones counts as a good reason.) It’s just this pregnancy the Benadryl’s been bothering me for the first time.


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