Solution to Everything

September 8, 2011

R (upon being put to bed): “MOMMY, I don’t WANT the lights off!”*
Me: “Go to sleep and you won’t even notice.”

C (wandering out of bed): “Mommy, my butt is red.”
Me: “You know what fixes that? SLEEP.”

What? Sleep fixes just about everything for me.

*I’m not an ogre who makes her go to bed in a dark room if she’s afraid. But (a) she’s NEVER EVER been afraid of the dark until recently, and by recently, I mean a few days ago, and (b) there is a bright nightllight in their room, the laundry closet light is on five feet from their open door, and the bathroom light is on ten feet from their open door. It’s not particularly dark.


3 Responses to “Solution to Everything”

  1. Sarah said

    Yay! I can comment now.

    I had to laugh that she thought telling you her but was red would get a light turned on.

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