This Has Not Been My Week at Work

September 8, 2011

Monday: day off. Great. Busy anyway.

Tuesday: In office just barely long enough to see a million e-mails, then had to drive two hours plus in bad rain for a hearing.

Wednesday: Chaos. Fires going up all over the place.

Today: More chaos, plus a hearing that went REALLY REALLY BADLY (attended over phone, at least I didn’t go there in person), plus a phone call with someone that was like talking to not just a rock, but a dumb rock, plus a ton of new stuff.

It wasn’t getting work done. It wasn’t even putting out fires. The last two days, it was just trying to make sure the fires were only causing first degree burns instead of killing dozens. Forget putting them out. Forget normal daily stuff.

Friday: Will be out until 11 at a foreclosure sale. Easy stuff, and gives me an hour to do work at home in the am, which I will need, but means I’m down to only 2/3 my day or so, and I’m still working on damage control from today, not to mention all the normal followup crap I do Fridays, not to mention the backlog of land records requiring me to look at them, not to mention the complaint for a legal description reformation I have been trying to do for two weeks.

If I could just have ONE DAY with no EMERGENCIES it would be a great improvement and I feel like a lot would get done.

As it is, I’m also wiped now, so forget doing work at home tonight. Early to bed and going to put on Nick at Nite. Again. It’s “Chandler Night”. Woo!

Cross fingers my week improves. I’m not really counting on it, but at least it’s almost over.


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