Observations on TNG: Season 1

September 9, 2011

Picard: We have beamed the unknown life form on board to study.
Sean: Yeah, that’s a good idea.
Me: Oh come on. Of course it’s a good idea. How else would Riker manage to have sex with it?

I’m glad Troi doesn’t wear skirts often. They are not long enough.

Marina Sirtis was about my age or a tiny bit younger during this first season. Oddly, she looks better now at around 50. Her accent alternately is charming and annoying.

First season Riker is really quite pretty. However, I would like him to (a) stop looking at every single woman like heeeeeeeey baby let’s do it and (b) grow a beard and add 40 pounds, because he’s more to my taste that way. It’s interesting how he was clearly supposed to be New Pretty Boy Kirk the Charmer, but the character went another way visually and personality-wise when Frakes sort of took over.

Brent Spiner’s a really good actor, especially when he’s playing Lore. The little differences he throws in doing two different, but identical characters are very subtle and interesting.

Oh, Picard… he never changes much. In a good way. He’s the best actor of the bunch right out of the gate.

Wesley Crusher needs some serious wardrobe help and a good smacking around. I’m trying to remember if he ever gets less annoying. I think he might not.

I do like Dr. Crusher. Always been a fan of hers and rooting for her and PIcard, though that is just hardly there in Season 1.

Worf’s almost a non-entity.

Tasha once had sex with Data. Never knew that before.

Geordi, blah blah blah… so far (almost through the season) I’ve gotten one brief glimpse of Miles O’Brien, and he’s not the transporter chief. In fact, a lot of them change positions. Geordi’s on the bridge and not in engineering. Tasha’s security chief and Worf’s just… on her staff?


2 Responses to “Observations on TNG: Season 1”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Sadly, given how much I dislike ST in general, I know too much about it.
    Worg takes over after Tasha is killed off…and since you’ve seen later seasons where she’s not there I’m sure you’ve come to that conclusion. I won’t tell you when or how, just in case you missed that episode.

    I had a roomie who lived and breathed ST in every format….I know WAY too much about it, and even though I’ve forgotten a lot, I remember more than I’ve managed to forget.

    Oh and Whiny Crusher never grows up. He’s pretty much a PITA the whole time he’s on the show. I think he was there to be a pretty face.

  2. Lindsey said

    Oh, I’ve seen TONS of it throughout, so I know where Worf gets the job… it’s just bizarre given that he hardly says a word in Season 1 and he’s so important later.

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