Sleeping In

September 9, 2011

C is (and has been for a while) like a little teenager in the morning on weekdays. “I don’t WANNA get up!” “I’m so SLEEPY!” “Mommy, the LIGHT hurts my EYES!”

Lately, R has taken to this as well, only when I go in to wake her up, I often get the slightly more offensive, “GO AWAY, MOMMY” (sometimes in a growly voice).

Both of them usually soften up after a minute or two. Especially if I tell them, “Well, if you’re so tired this morning, you’ll just have to go to bed earlier tonight.” That usually gets people moving. (Also, mind you, neither of them do this on the weekends. This is about 6am on weekdays, but by 7am on weekends, both are crawling into our bed and waking US up.)

Annnnnnd now it’s time for even the little one to get into the act. She’s not imitating them, since she gets up a half hour or so later than they do and sleeps in another room. But I used to go in on weekday mornings and see her pop up and say “HI!” in this bright and cheery voice.

The last few days, I’ve gone in to find her flat out on her tummy, blanket over head. I touch her back, she moves, doesn’t get up.

I take the blanket off her head and she GRABS IT AND PULLS IT BACK.

I take it off, move it a little further down her body, and she gropes around for it until she finds it and once again pulls it over her head. (I swear, I need to get a video of this.)

Finally, I’ve had to take it away altogether, and she’ll finally open her eyes and give me this absolutely disgusted look. I have to drag her up by her arms, which is no simple task given that our “death trap” dropside crib has a side which I can’t get to drop and my leaning-over skills are impaired.

Then she glares at me until she sees her sisters, at which point it’s usually, ‘HI!”


2 Responses to “Sleeping In”

  1. Fizzy said

    My method of waking Mel up is to take a shower, at which point Libby starts screaming.

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