Glass Storage

September 10, 2011

So Jillian Michaels wants me to stop microwaving my lunch in plastic.  And I don’t argue with Jillian, because Jillian could kick my ass into next week.  So after a few months of kicking this around, I bought these today at Costco and trashed the Gladware I’ve been using for, um, years.

This is my weekend project.  It has been so decreed.

It’s 9 containers of different size and shape.  I’m not sure how much we use.  I’ll judge over a few weeks and possibly buy a second set if we use them a lot.  I’ve been avoiding storing things lately because of lack of good containers, so it’s hard to judge.

Other projects in progress, and progress on them:

  1. Shoe baskets for the shelves where the girls keep their shoes: Have looked for correct-sized baskets at Target, Pier One, TJ Maxx, and World Market.  No luck.  Thinking of making my own out of cut, taped, and recovered diaper boxes.  May play with that tonight since we have a nice new diaper box.  Thinking of something like this, but not so elaborate.  I need to learn to sew.
  2. Frack mirror: up.  Flipped upside down to be at better angle.  I like it.  Project complete.
  3. Glass storage: Have obtained.  In progress of deciding whether I want more.  Will decide before next Costco trip.  Sort of leaning towards yes.
  4. Painting girls’ bedroom: 3/4 primed, have been ignoring for months.  Might be I need to get someone else to do this.  Need an enthusiastic teenager in the neighborhood who wants to make a few bucks.  Don’t have one.
  5. Bathroom tiling: getting tiles back from contractor who backed out on us Monday.  Have to take Sean’s truck to work for this.  Going to call Lowe’s about finding a new contractor tomorrow.
  6. Pictures in upstairs hallway: holes filled in, frames painted white.  Need to get a new 8×10 frame for group shot of the kids to hang at head of stairs, and need to re-hang the other four frames.

Completed projects:

  1. Toilet paper holder fixed

Some things maybe to add to the project list:

  1. Clear off table in dining room and get nice long tablecloth.
  2. Recover dining room chairs to match tablecloth.
  3. Clean out Sean’s closet
  4. Girls’ closet and their book chaos.



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