Go Blue, I Guess

September 10, 2011

Can’t say tonight’s game really blew me away, truthfully.  I’m a Michigan fan, and my husband’s a Notre Dame fan, and tonight’s the one night a year we disagree on who should win a football game, but we’re not really vicious… probably because the loser doesn’t want any cockiness rubbed in his/her face, so we’re both pretty cool about it.

That said, Michigan just didn’t show up for the first 3/4 of the game.  I thought Notre Dame was more or less mediocre throughout.  It wasn’t a GAME until the last five minutes.

I just didn’t get that worked up.  This could be because I can’t drink, or this could be because I don’t want to make my husband feel bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled the Wolverines won, and there’s a lot of negative I could say about Notre Dame, but I just didn’t see a ton of skill being exhibited in this game… not until the last few minutes, and even then, both defenses were sort of embarrassingly shameful.  I saw a lot of screwups and weird flukey things going on, both sides.

Glad MI showed up, though!

SportsCenter just told me Robinson just completed only 11 passes in the entire game.  That says it all.

Other observations:

  1. I do dig Denard Robinson.
  2. ND’s quarterback is not nearly as pretty as your average quarterback.  He has a problem with not having a chin.
  3. I did, however, feel bad for him when he was getting chewed by Brian Kelly, which seemed to happen a lot.  Poor little dude.
  4. Michigan’s throwback uniforms were awesome.
  5. Notre Dame’s throwback uniforms were awful.  The shamrocks were dorky.  But the worst was the color.  Kelly green is sort of hideous.  The coaches looked especially awful in their shirts that were the solid color.  I cannot imagine one single white person who could carry off that color (not sure about black people, but given that the color made their skin all look green, I think a black guy might have a better chance).
  6. I think Pascal is a Michigan fan.  He got excited towards the end.

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