29 weeks, 2 days

September 11, 2011

I want broccoli and cheese soup.  Last weekend I took C to Panera Bread, and had a small cup of it, and it has been on my mind ever since (and getting more and more so).  I’m going to have to get some today, or it’s going to be a Problem.

I also woke up and walked into the room over the garage where the girls were hanging out (loudly) and smelled the bananas I left out for them last night (now gone).  Usually this vaguely nauseates me, but this morning it made me want banana bread.  Badly.  I have made this before, but it requires time, effort, and flour- three things I don’t have at the moment.

So I’m sitting here with the Insane Three playing quietly while Sean sleeps (why am I the one up?) wanting foods I don’t have and getting slightly agitated about it.

No other pregnancy news for the day, except that (a) last night I had more contractions than I should have (I forgot to take my drugs yesterday!) and (b) now Pascal is pushing something against my bellybutton.  Something smallish, not his butt this time.


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