Overheard During Princess Playtime

September 11, 2011

C: “The bad guys want to marry one of these princess, but they don’t want to, and THEY ARE TOUGH GIRLS!”

They’ve built a castle out of blocks and have their 4-inch Disney princess dolls all over it.

C: “Playtime, playtime.”

R: “The princesses are on all the squares!”

C: “The prince needs a VERY cool bed.”

R: “I making a square with my blocks!”

C (to me): “Mom, you’re so cool. You’re playing Mommy Work Game. That what you’re playing.”

R: “Where’s the other pieces go?” (Intent on laying out the blocks in a pattern of squares.)

R: “It’s a frog.  It’s a BAD FROG.”

Me: Maybe it’s a nice frog?  Like Tiana?”

R: “No.  This a BAD FROG.”


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