A Lady Watches her Language

September 12, 2011

Get fired, swear, get some sort of weird respect because of it?

Sorry.  Whatever happened to being a lady?

While I’m not anti-swearing (I don’t really even care if a bad word comes out of a kid’s mouth in a casual manner, around the house), I think there’s something to be said for Manners in Public.  My language isn’t perfect, but I don’t swear at work* or in public.   It’s just kind of trashy.

C: “Mommy, Riley said a bad word at school, he said ass, and he got time out.”

Me: “Not a good word to use at school.”

C: “Daddy said ass.”

Me: “Fine, as long as he didn’t say it at school.”

Just… no.  I don’t really want to make a big deal of swearing in our house.  I figure if we don’t get worked up about it at home, and are fairly moderate (as in, it’s rude to scream curse words in someone’s face, but then, it’s rude to scream in someone’s face anyway), then they’ll be less interesting, and maybe the kids will listen when I tell them ladies don’t talk that way at school.  Or work, Ms. Bartz.  I see you’re trying to make yourself stand out as a strong woman in a sea of men, but there are better ways to do that.

By the way… the same goes for gentlemen.

*Okay, once in a while, but around friends of my peer group in a small, informal, conversation, and not in an angry or derogatory way.


2 Responses to “A Lady Watches her Language”

  1. Amanda said

    My mom always said I was too intelligent to use swear words. I should be able to come up with other words to express how I feel. Whenever I did swear in front of her in my teenage years, she’d always say, “what did you say?” and I’d reply with “nothing.” When I went to college I got bolder. The first time I swore and she said, “what did you say?” my response was, “you heard me.” I meant it more in the sense of let’s not kid ourselves, we both know what I said rather than in a prissy way. We still laugh about that.

    • That’s kind of the thing. In a casual way (the toe-stubbing sort of situation), swearing doesn’t bother me, but when you’re actually trying to say something, I agree with your mom that there’s almost always a more intelligent way to do so.

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