Giggles- Not Always Cute

September 12, 2011

C has started this thing sporadically where she obnoxiously fake-laughs. I’m not a fan. It usually follows one of her younger sisters giggling about something and me finding it cute. It’s not cute. I’ve told her that.

I am discovering, as C gets older, that more self-awareness equals less cute. Or, since she’s still quite adorable most of the time, maybe a better way to put it is that the cutest moments are definitely the less self-aware moments.

She’s also getting into potty humor. Not a fan. Replacing any word in a sentence with “booty” is cause for uproarious fake laughs. Even if I just look at her blankly or in puzzlement. She just told me she wanted to live in her booty and drive in her booty. That was a “joke”.   I’m trying not to react to it at all or give it any attention, though once in a while my better nature gets the better of me, and I tell her ladies don’t talk like that.

I think she has hit a phase between being hilariously unaware of humor (where we’re laughing at her) and developing an actual appreciable sense of humor (where we can laugh with her). I hope it passes quickly.  She also talks, and talks, and talks, and talks.  I’m trying to get her to be a bit aware of that, telling her it’s okay to be quiet, and telling her that when I was a little girl, I wanted to talk and talk and that made the other kids not like me, and I had to learn to stop talking once in a while and just listen.  (True story).  That’s going to take some work.

In other news, R and A just sat on the floor, R hitting herself in the head with a plastic bag, A cracking up, and R cracking up at A cracking up. THAT is funny and cute.

R: “Mommy, I got a laugh in my mouth!”


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