29 weeks, 5 days

September 14, 2011

The one-sided swelling went away, which is good, because otherwise I was on orders to go into the doctor’s office this morning, and today would have been a bad day for that at work.  It was going down a little last night (after sitting with my legs up drinking water all evening, then running to the bathroom approximately one million times) and gone this morning.

Then, of course, it happened again tonight.  I had an eye out for it though this time and noticed the feeling driving home.  On the bright (and less alarming) side, my right ankle puffed up as well, though still not as big as my left.  Actually, neither of them are as big as my left was last night.

As it doesn’t hurt, I don’t care much.

I sat with my feet on a box under my desk at work all day.  It was comfy.  I am thinking I should sit like that all the time.  I walked around just enough to keep blood flowing.  Pascal was his usual spirited self and kicked and poked me.

I remembered to take Benadryl early last night and only got up twice for the bathroom rather than… I’m probably averaging eight times on a normal night.  I should keep a pad of paper in there and tally it.  As long as I take the Benadryl early, though, it’s not bad.  Probably helps with the congestion I get overnight some nights as well.  I do feel icky in the morning, bad taste in my mouth, but that’s a small price to pay.


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