September 14, 2011

A’s been waking up and fussier than usual lately.  I think she’s cutting incisors.  At least, no clue what else it could be.  (She’s also covered in bug bites that, while I’m monitoring them, seem to be remaining bug bites and not becoming Lyme Disease or Chicken Pox).

So she woke the other night at 930.  Not in the mood to argue, I brought her out here and seated her near my feet on the couch to watch Dora while I fell asleep on the couch.  (Sean, as per usual, was still up playing a game).  I was sleeping until I heard “HEY!” from him.  She had my glasses (off the coffee table) and was… getting bendy.

Yeah.  She did a number.  I got them into Walmart today and showed the glasses folks what they looked like when unfolded.

“What happened?”

“A one and a half year old happened.”


All fixed now.  Kid’s got a strong grip.


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