County Fair and Other Weekend Thoughts

September 17, 2011

This is the plan for tomorrow. It was originally the plan for today, but rained, and tomorrow’s supposed to be cool and dry, so…

I am actually mildly concerned that we will get to the tent with the corn box and then never get anywhere else. Yes, here out in the county, corn boxes are a big attraction. This is just like what it sounds like. A sandbox for kids to play in, but full of… basically, big popcorn kernels. Most exciting thing ever. We may have to save it for last.

Other plans for tomorrow include more tidying up, laundry, hopefully a nap, and just resting at night pre-week. I did all the work I brought home for the weekend tonight (go me!) Maybe I’ll watch football. Maybe I’ll prep something to cook during the week or make cupcakes (bought mix today).

I’ve been thinking of watching Princess Bride with C. Maybe I’ll do that.

Maybe I’ll just sleep?

At any rate, good week to look forward to- the only two shows I’m liable to follow (Glee and Dancing With the Stars) start new, and I love watching DWTS with the girls. And with luck, an uneventful week at work. I mean, plenty to do, but no appointments out of the office. Except for doctor on Monday.

This is really boring. Sorry.


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