The Emmys, Live

September 18, 2011

808: Jane Lynch is insanely good-looking.  She reminds me of Ellen.  Pretty, classy, and just a touch of “yes, she’s a lesbian”.  Also, Nimoy as the president of TV?  Win.

810: My husband vanished about 15 minutes ago and I heard the garage door go.  I just heard it again, so I guess he didn’t leave me or anything.  HE BROUGHT ME BROWNIES I LOVE HIM.

813: Jimmy Kimmel’s lost weight.  I’ve always found him cute.  I like him better with maybe another 20 lbs, though.

816: “Oh my God, Julie Bowen, your boobs are not right.”

“Her boobs are kinda silly.”- C

817: “I’m Julianna Margulies.  Otherwise known as the funniest woman on television.”  Okay, that was funny, Nurse Hathaway.  When is someone going to reunite her with Clooney?

826: “I’d be home by now eating a tub of turkey meatballs. In the dark.” Chased my kids off to bed.

830: Zooey Deschanel is cute and her pink dress is adorable and I think it’s so cute that she’s Bones’s little sister.  Will Arnett… LOVE HIM.  IN EVERYTHING.  Right on back to being my favorite of the Bluth brothers.  Love him most when he’s acting with his wife.

839: Patrick Warburton doing car commercials would be funnier if he edged a little more in the Puddy direction.

841: Good for Charlie Sheen.  I’m waiting for a punchline, maybe something wildly anti-Semetic.  Nothin?  Matt LeBlanc is aging VERY nicely, as a side note.  Lord, I love Alec Baldwin.  I always think now of what Adam Carolla says about our ideal president- Alec Baldwin with a big beard, plus 50 pounds, smoking a pipe and shaking hands and scaring the crap out of people.

844: I also love Rob Lowe.

845: The lead comedy actresses are just talking themselves right up on stage, and I give Amy Poehler credit for going first, because it seemed to weird people out.  I’m enjoying this.  Some sort of beauty pageant parody?  Why do I think Amy Poehler’s behind it?  Oh… or Tina.  Or both of them.  Love it.  Standing ovation for all of them.  This is a riot.  Edie Falco looks a little more awkward than the rest of them.   Will Arnett looks like he’s enjoying this a whole lot.  This Melissa McCarthy chick is cute.

856: This montage about work is alerting me to the fact that I’m not up on a lot of recent TV. Why does Ashton Kutcher have to be so pretty, by the way?  I miss Michael Kelso.

859: I’m not up on reality TV, either, though the one clip they showed from Hoarders, I knew.  (The guy with the rats.  They’re his PETS, yo!)

900: Jane Lynch has a new dress.  Is prettttttttty.  Has pockets!  She’s looking so good!  I want to look like that at 50, or whatever she is.

903: It’s cute that Randy Jackson is sitting with Ryan Seacrest.

904: It took me a moment to realize the pictures of all the SNL people were Timberlake…

913: What is going ON with this musical montage?  I do like Maya Rudolph, given that we’ve watched Idiocracy almost every weekend for months.  Also, Stamos= hot.  Why are we freaking Bill Macy?  I’m missing the point of this whole thing.  When do I get some Peter Dinklage?

916: Lea Michele and Ian Somerhalder would have pretty babies if they ever had babies together.  They’d have a lot of glossy black hair.  I’m not impressed with her dress.  Can Ian Somerhalder play Rob Lowe’s brother someday?

925: Wait.  Anderson Cooper is GLORIA VANDERBILT’S SON?

928: Waiiiiiiting on a Game of Thrones clip, people.  Good.  Ended on it.  WHERE IS PETER DINKLAGE?

929: Ashton Kutcher looks like Jesus in the beard.  Is he tall, or is Jon Cryer short?

932: Knowing Christine Baranski is on it makes me interested in The Good Wife.  Wonder if it’s on Netflix?  Christine Baranski makes everything awesome.

932: Is this Margo Martindale person just Kathy Bates using a stage name?

940: Wow, there’s a combination.  Dr. Romano and the music teacher from Boston Public.  (Speaking of people with boobs that are looking “kinda silly”, she’s right up there with Julie Bowen.  Why is it Lea Michele who’s hiding cleavage and not these two?)

941: I’m quite sure I just saw George R. R. Martin in the audience.

943: I’m not certain who Kerry Washington is, but her dress is amazing and reminds me of Jessica Rabbit.

945: Go Peter Dinklage!  YAY!  He’s a VERY good-looking dude.  Shave, though.  You’re not playing Tyrion right now.   I’ve mostly been staying up just to cheer for him.

948: Dude!  New Footloose commercial.  Is that Dennis Quaid playing the John Lithgow part?  I’m trying to decide if I love that, or hate it.

949: Sean on Anderson Cooper: “And now you’re banging Kathy Griffin…”

Me: “What?”

Sean: nods


Sean: “They’ve apparently been involved.”


952: It actually took me a moment to realize who was playing Donatella the Jersey TV producer or whatever.

953: Neckline of Katie Holmes’s dress: not flattering.  Makes her look slouchy.

957: Drew Barrymore is so stinking cute.  And short.  Or the rest of them are tall.

958: Kyle Chandler is not Kyle McLachlan.  Note to self.  (Come on, why wouldn’t they be?  And now I’m thinking of Trey and the Flat Baby.)  And while I’m at it, Michael C. Hall has nothing to do with Paul Thomas Anderson, Sean Patrick Thomas, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, or Michael Clarke Duncan.  People need to stop using three names.  They all run together.

Okay, I need to go to bed.  Not worried about the rest of it.


2 Responses to “The Emmys, Live”

  1. Arrogant Ass said

    Jane Lynch IS awesome, especially when she fake-slapped the assistant backstage. S brought you brownies? GOOD HUSBAND. Kimmel? The chunkier the better. Melissa McCarthy is darling, though she is related to Jenny McCarthy…someone won THAT genetic lottery. Anderson Cooper? Totally GV’s son. Makes him so much more stylish, no? Dinklage *is* handsome. Agreed. I have a picture of Drew Barrymore on my corkboard at work. Love her style. Kyle Chandler is so handsome and will never age. I heart him, and I heart Friday Night Lights forever.

    • I think Melissa McCarthy beat Jenny McCarthy in the brains lottery. She wins. And yes, I want some chunky Kimmel. Feel like I know him from being a rabid listener of Adam Carolla’s podcast and he’s just freaking charming. And Anderson Cooper is so pretty. Did you see Dinklage’s wife is pregnant? CUTE. And Drew…. oh, Drew. I like to think of her as one of those people who’s always smiling and nice to people… I aspire to be like that.

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