What’s Up With My Hands?

September 19, 2011

I’ve got some sort of weird hand thing going on.  Tiny little blistery warty things that hurt in a stingy sort of way.  They appear to be blisters but don’t pop like blisters.  So far, I’ve found about five of them between my hands (and three bigger ones on my heels) and wound up snipping them off with a nail clipper since they’re driving me crazy.  Post-snip, they scab over and should go away.  But… WHAT?

Per OB (who I saw this morning for my regular appointment), nothing she knows about.  I’m probably going to have to go to my GP, but that will likely just net me a dermatologist referral, and I don’t have time to run around like this.  I’m sort of hoping they go away on their own.  So far, though, they’re just multiplying, and the ones on my heels HURT in shoes.  OW.

They hurt a little more than warts would (I’ve had plantar warts before in my teenage years) though they look like a new little wart.  The ones on my heels REALLY looked like blisters, fluid-filled and all, but pin-poking (yes, it was sterilized with alcohol) didn’t work.  (Clippers did.  And some clear fluid did come out.)  They don’t itch at all.  (Dr’s best guess was bug bites).  Alice had some weird bug bites/blistery diaper rash last week but it was redder and cleared up, so I think that really was just bug bites/weird diaper rash and unrelated.

Any ideas, Dr. Internet?  I will probably just ignore/clip at them until they go away or become really unbearable.


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