September 20, 2011

See, now that the new TV season has started again, you get to read my inane thoughts on the few shows I follow.  Spoilery if you haven’t seen it, so behind a cut.

  • Coach Bieste is back!  YAY!  I want her and Will to get together.  The more Coach Bieste, the better.  (Also got a quick glimpse in the preview of the Home Ec teacher from last season, who I remember from one of my favorite movies, Drop Dead Gorgeous, glad to see her.)
  • I’m mildly wondering what happened with Will and Emma and if they’re actually doing it or not, and why they skipped over whatever happened there.
  • Holy exposition, Batman.  Jacob Ben Israel is always welcome, though.
  • I miss Trouty Mouth.  Mercedes’s new boyfriend’s a nice big boy though.
  • The sight of a full room of Rachels and Kurts was pretty funny.  Kurt and Rachel annoyed me, though.  (Did enjoy Emma’s pamphlet of the episode she was trying to offer them, entitled “Me and My Hag”).
  • Who plays up “gay” more- Blaine Warbler or Carson Kressley?  (I think they both beat out Kurt.)
  • “We call ourselves the Skanks.”  Um, what happened here?  Is this residual angst from being dumped by Finn?  Either way it was mildly amusing.
  • Whoa, Santana actually ran into consequences for an action?
  • C was yelling and I missed what happened with Lauren Zises.  I hope she comes back.  Needed more Puck.
  • Mike Chang was SINGING!  And I love when he says stuff, it happens so rarely.  And it felt like we were maybe going to get more Tina soon.  We can use more Tina.
  • We got a glimpse of Figgins in bed, but not his wife.
  • The Sue/Will stuff was boring.
  • Becky and Santana yelling at one another and then Sue saying she was aroused was my favorite moment of the episode.

2 Responses to “Glee”

  1. Amanda said

    I feel sad to say that I might be getting over Glee. I hate that Blaine left Dalton to be with Kurt. Seriously, in what is probably your senior year you left a great private school to go to what seems to be a mediocre public school just in time for college applications? Not a good idea. Will mentioned that Emma gives him the green light but just as quickly puts the brakes on so I assume they’ve been sleeping in bed. I love Will, but why would he drag pianos all over the school? He couldn’t pick a lighter instrument? They need to make Rachel likable STAT. Her voice alone is not enough for me to care about her. Shoot, I want to like Glee again.

    • The music is still enough for me to be all into it. But yeah, some parts are seriously just not making sense. I think they’re trying to make Rachel likeable by pairing her with Kurt, but that doesn’t help, I think they bring out the worst in each other.

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