Quick Notes on the Girls

September 20, 2011

R was muttering last night in the bathtub, I thought maybe she was singing a song, until I caught some words I thought I might recognize.

R: “Udagod, invidisble…”
Me: “Wait, what?”
R: “Invisible…”
Me: “R? Are you saying the Pledge of Allegiance?”
R: “Plegallegins, to da flag, ofa Unitestates of AMURICA…”

I had no IDEA. I got the whole thing out of her, bit by bit (she kept coming back to “to the Republic for which it stands” and was a bit confused about order) but then she refused to perform for Sean. R is NO ONE’S trick pony, yo.

So we tried C, figuring if R learned it at school, C must have. C of course rattled off the entire thing for video. This is why I love our daycare… I love getting these surprises. It’s a riot.

In other news, for the past two nights, C has eaten her entire dinner (one night including vegetable soup, one night including salsa in her chicken over quinoa) and cleaned on command for a reward of being able to stay up and watch TV with Mommy. I’ve been very impressed. (One night DWTS, one night Glee). That’s really good for her.


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