Single-Sex Education, and Kindergarten Thoughts

September 20, 2011

Parents Magazine on single-sex education.

You better bet that if and when given the opportunity, I’ll be putting my children of both sexes into single-sex classes.  For exactly these reasons, and because I’m a product of some single-sex education myself (though college was fantastic, IMO, it’s probably most advantageous at the middle-high school levels when kids are most affected by gender differences).  I would LOVE to see schools offer this more often, especially single-sex classrooms in a mixed-sex school.

Side note on education: a conversation with a work friend whose daughter is in Kindergarten just led me to go do a little research into our local public school.  My friend’s daughter is in the Virginia Beach public schools and she says it’s almost impossible to get into full-day K, most schools only offer one session, and now her daughter has gone from full-day preschool to just 3 hours of Kindergarten and an after-school play program.  So this got me thinking, and I went and looked.

Turns out our little rural county has all full-day programs.  The local elementary school is actually only K-3, and the principal is a PhD.  They actually have a full-day public pre-K program!  (I sort of wish I’d known about that before the school year started… I’d have seriously considered starting C there this year.  It sounds like one of her daycare friends went there rather than to K5 at our daycare.)

I can’t believe the kid’s going to be in K next year.  I’m glad… especially since four kids at daycare at once is going to get expensive… but yikes!  She’s going to do great.  Was talking to Mom about her today and she’s already got the knowledge for it- letters, numbers, can write her name.  I’m pretty sure she’d be able to read if I knew how to teach her, but eh, whatever, we’ll get there.  She’s definitely got verbal skills.


One Response to “Single-Sex Education, and Kindergarten Thoughts”

  1. […] My research on kindergarten last night was knocking around in my head this morning.  I checked at the daycare- sure enough, two of C’s classmates aren’t in K5 with her, but instead went off to public pre-K at the local elementary school.  I’m vaguely kicking myself for not knowing about this and trying to get her in, but I felt like I was missing something. […]

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