Further on Elementary School

September 21, 2011

My research on kindergarten last night was knocking around in my head this morning.  I checked at the daycare- sure enough, two of C’s classmates aren’t in K5 with her, but instead went off to public pre-K at the local elementary school.  I’m vaguely kicking myself for not knowing about this and trying to get her in, but I felt like I was missing something.

Finally figured out what- R could go to pre-K next year!  I’m going to call and find out what it takes to get in.  Since there’s only one class of it, maybe a waiting list?  But it would be great- we’d get two out of daycare tuition at the same time (still we’d pay for early morning care, but wow, we’d save) and they could start riding the bus together at the same time- C to kindergarten and R to pre-K.

As thrilled as we’ve been with our daycare’s preschool, I’d definitely not object to saving that sort of money sending R to public school a year early, for pre-K, and I really like the idea of them being able to start that particular adventure together.


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