Mommy, Who’s That Boy?

September 22, 2011

Parents Magazine on “Talking to Your Kids About Chaz”

Sure, why not?  I don’t believe in censoring things from my kids; in fact, I believe in reasonable exposure to as much as possible, as early as possible.  That’s not to say I tell my kids everything is right, and everything is okay, and everyone is normal, and everyone is happy and perfect and surrounded by rainbows.  I’ll give them my truthful opinions on things, though I’ll also note that Mommy’s not always right about everything.

C, watching DWTS with me the other night, just sort of assumed Chaz was a guy.  I noted to her that Chaz started out a girl and changed her mind and decided to be a boy, and took medicine to become a boy (“medicine” is how I explain most medical marvels, to simplify).

She found this mildly interesting, but skimmed over it pretty quickly in favor of Lacey Schwimmer’s sparkly dress  (this is why I skew young on this sort of topic.  By the time she gets curious about details, the existence of such phenomena as transsexualism won’t be new).  Perhaps she’s too young for this to be a teaching moment.  For what it’s worth, my talk would have been similar to the one the author of that article gave, though probably shorter and involving more Cher music, because I dig Cher.   And casual.  She’s got the rest of her life to pick up the details.

Side note: she also asked me last week how the baby got in my tummy.  I told her a very simplified version, without using correct biological terms (I generally say “boy parts” and “girl parts”, and she knows what I’m talking about).  She said it was gross.  She’s asked again a few times since then, as if to confirm the grossness.  I’ve just casually answered the questions in simple terms, and will continue to provide details as they are requested, which they likely will be.  I’d rather do it this way than have to have some Big Talk in a few years.  (I also note that R is listening to every word of this.  And since R listens more than she talks, she’ll probably get it quicker than her sister.)


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