September 24, 2011

I was up at 7 this morning. Kids woke me. Were relatively quiet after that, but then I was so congested that I couldn’t get back to sleep. (Thanks, Pascal.) So I’m up.

Now I want breakfast. Eggs and toast would be nice. And I do own these items. However, I am only feeling up to making breakfast for myself. But if I do that, I will have to make breakfast for THREE MORE PEOPLE. (As is, they’ve had apples, string cheese, etc. They are good to go. But man, if Mommy has eggs and toast, everyone will of course need eggs and toast, and I will feel further obligated to cook for Sean, though he won’t be demanding as everyone else will, but I won’t want him to be left out.)

So feeding myself will also equal feeding four more people who are not all that hungry. Is it any wonder I just want the breakfast fairy to appear? Or want my kids to be old enough to cook breakfast on a Saturday morning? I’d, like, pay them.

Am I a lazy mom? (Yes)
Am I horribly selfish that I don’t want to cook for anyone else? (At least somewhat.)
Is it awful that I feel like my kids should be content with the apples and cheese and milk they’ve filled up on that they fed themselves? They ARE full, or they’d be letting me know. (Maybe, maybe not awful.)


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