31 weeks, 3 days

September 26, 2011

I had a lot of contractions today, even on the drugs I’m taking (Procardia). Drank water and they spaced back out. But they were brutal and unpleasant and fairly intense, and I can feel them coming a full 60 seconds or so before they hit. Weird.

Remembered to take the Benadryl early for the first time in a few days so I’m hoping for a decent night’s sleep.

I have heartburn for the first time in forever. Gaviscon helps.

The baby doesn’t have a name and it’s eating at me.

I went to Boston Market today and got the turkey plate with stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy. It was about $3 more than Wawa’s, and the stuffing in particular was not as good, but it did the job and I felt much better after I had it. Now I want more. Could be Pascal knows he’s a November baby- this is the first major craving I’ve had that’s held on even after I’ve gotten it.

(When pregnant with C, I craved grapefruit anything. She was born in March. With R, I craved blueberries and watermelon. She was born in July. With A, I have a very distinct memory of craving minestrone soup in, like, May or June. Born in November. My babies are seasonal.)

I attempted to run at work today and entertained a lot of people.  (I had a good reason.  Really.  A co-worker was stuck on the phone and needed someone else to make a call she needed to make at a particular time, so I was in her office and had to run off with the file to mine.)  I was wearing flats, but it was absolutely ridiculous.


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