Adam Carolla

September 26, 2011

If you don’t listen to his podcast, you should. I caught up on a few today. Ordinarily, a lot of complaining turns me off, but I’ve been listening to him whine and yell and be sarcastic for over two years now, and it strikes me that the biggest thing I like about him is how earnestly enthusiastic he is about certain things:

1) His bromance with Dr. Drew
2) His appreciation for having done Dancing With the Stars, and how he still gets all excited talking about it
3) How much he loves playing with his kids
4) How passionate he gets every time he starts telling someone they should have kids, and how fun it is
5) His sincere admiration for Tina Fey and Beyonce (and a few other really random celebrities he doesn’t know well but met doing Loveline)
6) How his language and choice of topics tends to upscale whenever he talks to a woman or someone he admires
7) How he repeats stories he really likes
8) His simple rationale for legalization of pot and gay marriage
9) How real he is about his wife


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