Chair Monkey and other Notes on the Girls

September 26, 2011

A’s obsessed with Sean’s desk chair.  He left the room the other day for ten minutes and in that time, I pulled her out of it six times.  It needs, like, a velvet rope between the arms (that she would ignore, than hang herself with). If I had more strength, I’d just put the damn chair on the floor every time he walked out.

But I don’t.  Also, A is a heavy monkey (close on to 30 lbs) and she fights and squirms.

In other news, she’s still saying the same 10-15 words she’s known for six months.  Delayed language explosion.  Not hard to figure out what she wants though, and in surprising news, she is suddenly leaving ponytails up that I put in.

C/R go to the dentist Thursday- R’s first time.  I think they’ll do just fine.  I remember them asking me just six months ago if my second child was ready to go, and I said “no way”.  This time, I said, “Yep, think so.”  Amazing how far they come and how fast.  Actually, if I think about it, right now R is the easiest of the three kids.  She’s pretty laid back.  A is physically demanding, and C is asserting a lot of independence (and OH MY GOD NEVER STOPS TALKING), but R is just a happy little cuddle bug, mostly quiet, but speaks well and is giggly.

Funny how the title of “easiest kid” passes back and forth frequently.


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