31 Weeks, 5 Days

September 28, 2011

So… the last few days I’ve had frequent, uncomfortably intense contractions in the afternoons, from about 2-6.  (A friend of mine called this my uterus witching hour.)  They space back out after that, but during that time, they’re really quit unpleasant and bordering on more than I should have (4-6 an hour is the “safe” limit for Braxton-Hicks*.)

This bothers me:

  • Because they hurt
  • Because they’re annoying
  • Because I’m on Procardia to stop them and they’re getting more frequent and more unpleasant
  • Because they freak me out a little since I don’t want to have another** preemie

So, since I promised my doctor I’d go in if anything changed, I went in today (appointment not til next week).  (Behind the cut for mildly TMI medical details.  Short version is that all is well.)Not dilated yet.  50% effaced.  This is actually pretty good for me at this point… I was a little dilated by this point in pregnancies #1-2.  (I don’t think we checked this early in #3.)

Active healthy baby and all.  Confirmed head down.  Didn’t get to see my normal doctor, she was on call, saw the NP.  We’re going to double my dose of Procardia and see if that helps.  Drink a lot of water (already doing it), yadda yadda.  I’ll be back next week for my regular appointment.  NP says to keep him in 2 more weeks at least.  I told her he’d stay in 5 more weeks.  She may think effacement means more action impending, but she doesn’t know my personal history as well… I walked around dilated to 4 cm and fully effaced for two solid weeks with C, and was up to 6 cm and not really in active labor with A.  Overenthusiastic cervix doesn’t equal labor coming anytime soon for me.

So, all well.


*I have a long and storied history with pre-term Braxton-Hicks contractions, starting back in my first pregnancy.  In pregnancies 2-4, I’ve been on medication for them so they don’t push things too far or make me miserable or turn into actual labor.  I’ve also always dilated and effaced early and considerably before actually being in labor.

**For background purposes, R was a 35 week, 3 day preemie.  Of course, she weighed over 6 lbs and was pretty dang healthy anyway, but staying in the hospital an extra 6 days was mega annoying and inconvenient and frustrating, and I am making SURE this is not happening again.  37 weeks or bust.


2 Responses to “31 Weeks, 5 Days”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Eek! I hated those things too! Of course, my doc just put me on bedrest and then scheduled to induce me with Autumn after the Epic Pre-Labor Incident about 2 months before she was due.

    I hope the extra dosage helps, and that you get your extra 5 weeks. I know how frustrated you were with R having to stay in the hospital.

    Good luck! And stay put Pascal!

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