Miscellaneous TV

September 28, 2011

It’s good to see Simon and Paula back together, though I’m really not interested in the show.  I like Simon and Paula.  Simon + Paula forever.  I hereby dub the other guy “Fake Randy”.


  • “You sing like Diana Ross, and you dress like you own a chocolate factory.”
  • Loved Sue’s pink Adidas tracksuit.
  • I’m always happy to see Coach Bieste.
  • Someone needs to have a little chat with Quinn about what “adoption” means.
  • I just saw Artie on a Pepsi/X-Factor commercial and… without the glasses… boyfriend ain’t bad.  Hmm.
  • More Mike Chang dancing, please.
  • None of the songs blew me away this week.  Last week’s music was better.
  • Needs more Figgins.


  • So wait. Elisabetta is gone and we have to watch more Nancy Grace even after SEEING HER NIPPLE?  What is wrong with a world in which the smart tough woman beats out the chick with the hot (if somewhat sammich-needing) bod?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF US?
  • (I don’t really think that.  But in this case, yeah, I do.)
  • Why does no one seem to love David Arquette like I do?
  • Ricki Lake, I never had any particular love for you, but your documentary made me hate you.  And now I hate you more and I hate Derek Hough and UGGGGGGH.
  • JR Martinez, no clue who you are, but I thought you blew everyone away last night.  And that’s even not knowing who you are and even hating your partner.

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