September 29, 2011

It went really well.  I took R and C there- super excited.  They got more excited about the little kids’ TV room in the waiting room.  And the first hygenist who came out called for R, and she went off very happily all by herself.  Then C (who immediately showed off her band-aid).  Then me.

I took longer, and they brought back R first.  Set her up in a chair outside the little room I was in and turned on Disney channel.  She was GREAT, apparently.  Pleasant, obedient, friendly, and even let them do x-rays.  I’m so proud.  First thing she asked was, “Where’s my sister?”

C was out a minute later and hung with R, chatting everyone up.  They were both absolutely thrilled with their goody bags of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and Spongebob stickers.  THRILLED.  And were relatively well-behaved while I was finished up.  Verdict- C’s teeth were perfect.  R had a little plaque.  And Lindsey, go buy yourself a damn electric toothbrush because scrape scrape scrape OW oh some people have sensitive teeth.  So, I will go buy myself a damn electric toothbrush.  Welcome to the 21st century.

I was terribly proud of them.

In other news, think C is due for another trip back to the doctor because she is running to the potty every three minutes.  I cannot figure out if it’s medical or behavioral, just a way to dictate her actions in a world where she’s 4… but I want to rule out UTI or the like.  Sometimes it seems like it only goes on when it’s convenient, sometimes it seems like… seriously, this could not possibly just be for fun*.

*According to my mother, this was a hobby of mine as a child… whining about having to go potty all the time.  The doctor told me I could hold it and didn’t have to go all the time, and I stopped.


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