My Husband, the Savant

September 29, 2011

He’s got this ability.  I should start tracking it.  He can recognize an actor or actress from, like, a bit part in two movies fifteen years apart.

The first example of this that pops into my head is when he, watching an old episode of Sliders, recognized the hotel clerk as the retarded guy from the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous.  However, we have many, many examples.  He’s a celebrity savant.  It happened a LOT when we were going through old West Wings*.

He’s way too good at this and I should give it a tag.  It’s been happening since we’ve been watching Star Trek: TNG as well, though no specific examples are popping into my head.  (I don’t remember them well.  Probably because they make me feel clueless compared to his really strange genius ability at this.)  (Him: “Hey, the guy playing the security guard they just walked by in that movie I’ve never seen?  Yeah, he was totally one of the General’s assistants on Stargate in, like, Season 2 or so.” Me: “Give me a break.” *IMDB* “Well…. okay.”)

My almost-completely-unrelated mild triumph of the night was when he was playing little clips from LeeAnn Rimes’s new album, and after about 5 seconds of one song, I looked over and said, “Wow, it’s been a while since I heard that one.  That’s OLD.”

Him: “No, this is a brand new album.”

Me: “No, that’s OLD.  I KNOW THAT SONG.  Haven’t heard it in years, but I swear.  Cover?  Maybe?”

*60 second pause*

Him: “That’s a Jon Anderson song from 1983 she’s covering.”

I have no clue how I am familiar with a Jon Anderson song from 1983 but I was right.  So yay.

*It should be noted I do this on occasion myself.  I recognized the defecting pianist from West Wing as Sun’s boyfriend from Lost.  That said, there are not a ton of bald Korean actors frequenting American network TV.


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