Bed Making

September 30, 2011

Just in brief, since I have to dash:

C/R have been pretty good in the am this week.  As in, do their stuff (get out of bed, get clothes, get dressed, brush teeth, potty, and put their nightgowns away, no particular order) with minimal nagging.  We WERE to the point where I’ve only needed to verbally remind them a million times… somehow, as of this week, we got past that point, and they’ve been doing things on their own or with only one reminder.  Miracle of miracles.

Weirdly, this has left me putting on makeup while they stand there and wait for ME.  So, this week, I put them both to brushing their own hair- something I thought they wouldn’t really be able to do.

More weirdly, they did it pretty well.  Even C with her giant amount of hair.  By the time I got to them, they only needed a little smoothing and a ponytail.  What just happened there?   It’s like they’re getting EASY, or something.

Which, yesterday, left them both standing there, ready to go, getting hyper while I got A out of bed, dressed, etc.

So today, instead of let them hang over me getting  A riled up while I attempted to change a diaper, I sent them to their room to “clean up and make their beds”.  I sort of didn’t actually expect them to do it, but I figured maybe a few things would get picked up off the floor and they’d be out of my hair.

In the five minutes it took to get A ready, they picked up the entire floor and MADE THEIR BEDS.  (This is something I didn’t even know R was capable of- maybe C helped her?)  It was immaculate in there.  WELL.  WELL THEN.  I think I LIKE this sort of morning!

(Naturally, I gushed all over about how thrilled and proud I was and rewarded them with great stories on the way to school.  Then I bragged to their teacher where they could hear it.  They eat that stuff up.)

Seriously… if this keeps up… there may be no limit to their usefulness.  It may not be so awful to get four kids ready in the am after all if two of them are not only doing it mostly by themselves, but also doing useful things besides.  Not to mention, if R is so far ahead of where C was at her age, it couldn’t possibly be more than a year and a half before A is doing all this as well.

So, good way to start a Friday.


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