I Blame Sherry

October 2, 2011

That’s Sherry, of the blog Young House Love.  I have many feelings about this blog*, but the current prominent one is that I should be spray-painting things.

My first attempt at doing this was to take down the old, slightly battered 8×10 matted frames from the hall (that hold the girls’ current school pictures) and spray them down with white.  To match the trim, and look nicer.  Things I’ve learned:

  1. It works!
  2. Backyard is a BAD PLACE for this project.  Even when it’s not that windy, because…
  3. Infinitesimally tiny pieces of grass and bugs will get in your wet paint no matter how careful you are.
  4. Garage is better.  Then close the door so nothing blows.  Leave your car in the driveway.
  5. A broken-down diaper box makes a good spray background, as does a trash bag, for something this size.
  6. You’ve got to keep the spray can moving, as Sherry says.  (I kept hearing her in my head say, “If you’re a-sprayin’, your arm better be a-swayin'”.  Then I wanted to slap her.  And myself.
  7. A couple thin coats, yadda yadda.
  8. I will probably do this again.
  9. Allow a day to dry.

Overall, quite pleased.  Now I want to spray something else.  Sherry’s insistence on spray-painting all fixtures oil-rubbed bronze has made me think about re-doing the doorknobs in the bathroom to look nicer once we remodel.

*Thoughts on YHL:

  • How do you not kill each other?  I really don’t like to work on projects with Sean.  I’d kill him.
  • Where do you people make money from to work on stuff around your house full-time?  SERIOUSLY.
  • Must be nice.
  • Once your kid is a little more mobile, she’s going to tear up half your perfect decor.  I hope she does.
  • Gray and yellow look terrible together.
  • I suspect you are secretly also Angie and Trevor from the Marathon Training Academy podcast.  They sound just like I imagine you do.  And you look just like I imagine they do.  And I cannot figure out how they train for marathons while supporting themselves and taking care of THREE CHILDREN.  (Which you don’t have, so you’re probably not them.)



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