Target Recap

October 2, 2011

Took R to Target today, alone.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Wandering Target with NO ONE BUGGING ME is the most therapeutic thing in the universe.  Some notes:

1) R is currently my easiest child.  A is physically exhausting and C is mentally exhausting (i.e. NEVER SHUTS UP).  R is quiet, though talks more without her sisters around; pleasant, cute, happy… at the moment, yes, she’s my preference for an easy trip.  This may change weekly.

2) PRINCESS SOCK BONANZA IN AISLE ONE!  Their $1 section was full of princess socks.  This hasn’t happened for a while.  I loaded up… for me, mostly.  I need socks for wearing around the house, and since my feet are little, big-kid socks fit me PERFECTLY.  There were more big-kid socks there than little-kid socks, and I wound up with about 6 pairs for the girls (collectively) and, um, 9 pairs for me.  Yes, 9 pairs of princess and Tinkerbell socks.  They are awesome.

3) WTF on the Missoni crap.  Our local Target must not be frequented by design snobs, because things were NOT sold out.  Plenty of stuff around, though the whole place wasn’t painted zigzag like it might have been when this started.  I don’t like the color combos or the designs and I just do not get it.

4) Target brand candles cost 1/3 of same-sized Yankee candles.  However, having one burning on my desk now, I can tell they’re not nearly as powerful.  The whole room doesn’t smell like pumpkin spice.  Oh well.  I can smell it.  Is nice.

5) On the way to Target, R and I talked about school and I asked her about her friends.  As usual, she told me her friends were “all of them” and mentioned one name: Cassidy Rose.  Man, does R love Cassidy Rose.  Cassidy Rose is R’s “FAVORITE FRIEND.”

So we’re walking down the aisle in Target about a zillion miles from the closest cart, and R announces, “Mommy, it’s Cassidy Rose!”

Me: “Where?”

R (pointing toward cart half the store away from us): “THERE.”

Me: “Did you see a little girl who looks like Cassidy?”  (Lately R’s favorite thing is telling me that any arbitrary same-aged little girl looks like HER.)

R: “Cassidy Rose is THERE.”

We’re approaching the other cart, which is blocked from my view by two full-grown women pushing it, but when they hear R say the name loudly, they step aside, and who’s in the cart but Cassidy Rose from school.  HOW R spotted her and WHEN is absolutely beyond me.

Cassidy, in classic toddler-out-of-school fashion, clammed up, though she smiled at R.  R later pointed out to me, “Cassidy didn’t talk to me at Target.”

6) Did I mention how nice it is to wander Target with no one bugging me?  I bought princess socks, some frames for Sean, a birthday present for a friend, and a candle.  Got out of Target cheaper than usual.  Probably could have wandered even longer but R was hungry.

7) We had Five Guys.

R: “Is this Wendy’s?”

Me: “No, this is Five Guys.”

A minute later…

R: “Mommy!  This is the Five Boys!”

Me: “Five Guys!”


She ate almost all a regular order of fries, which would have alarmed me but that the bag the food came in was half-full of MORE FRIES FOR ME.  There was also a very cute baby boy there who she was very intrigued by.

R: “Mommy!  A baby boy!  Like Pascal!”

(Except that Pascal probably will not be East Indian, if normal genetic rules apply.)


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