Weekend Projects

October 2, 2011

Last weekend was awful in terms of weather and high-maintenance kids, so I did absolutely nothing.  But I can probably get some stuff done today.

Other projects in progress, and progress on them:

  1. Shoe baskets for the shelves where the girls keep their shoes: Thinking of making my own out of cut, taped, and recovered diaper boxes.   Thinking of something like this, but not so elaborate.
  2. Glass storage: Have obtained.  Got a second set yesterday since they’re great.  Need more space.  Need to move the faucets which are living in the kitchen island upstairs under the bed for our bathroom remodel, then will be able to spread that out.
  3. Painting girls’ bedroom: 3/4 primed, have been ignoring for months.  Might be I need to get someone else to do this.  Need an enthusiastic teenager in the neighborhood who wants to make a few bucks.  Don’t have one.  Where does one buy a cheap paint job?  Look into this.  Needs to be done before I can do anything else in there.  Maybe have someone do it in December when we do the bathroom?  When I’m home?
  4. Bathroom tiling: Got tiles in garage.  Got an estimate that came in way higher than I wanted it to though we were really impressed with the guy.  Would like a second estimate.  Arrange one this week and keep the first guy on the hook, let him know we’re looking into another estimate.  Follow up with K.  Craigs list?
  5. Pictures in upstairs hallway: holes filled in, frames painted white- touch them up today- really should do it right now so they have the day to try.  Need to get a new 8×10 frame for group shot of the kids to hang at head of stairs, and need to re-hang the other four frames.  Going to Target today and will look for a frame.

Completed projects:

  1. Toilet paper holder fixed
  2. Frack mirror hung.
  3. Spontaneously cleaned out silverware drawer this week.
  4. Cleaned out Sean’s shorts drawer.

Some things maybe to add to the project list:

  1. Clear off table in dining room and get nice long tablecloth.
  2. Recover dining room chairs to match tablecloth.
  3. Girls’ closet and their book chaos.
  4. Clean out my makeup drawer and move makeup under sink now that good mirror is in bathroom.  Use makeup drawer for clothing.
  5. Figure out what to do with toothbrush chargers so they’re not sitting out.
  6. Consider bathroom medicine cabinet to clear more counter space.
  7. Clean out cabinet with pots.

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