32 Weeks, 4 Days, aka Sleepless in Virginia

October 4, 2011

Sunday night just plain sucked.  I was in bed at a reasonable time, before 10.

Between 10 and 3, I was up probably 8 times to go to the bathroom.

At 345, I woke up thinking of renting a hospital-grade breast pump this time, since I’ll have an office I can actually pump in for the first time.  I thought this was a brilliant idea.  And thought some more.  Then I started wondering what it would cost.  I remembered getting a price list at the hospital at some point and tried to remember what was on it.  $20?  $30/month?  And then I remembered that I liked the Medela Symphony best, and the ones in the hospitals had wheels, and I wondered if the rentals had wheels.

Then I realized I needed to go back to sleep and that didn’t sleep to be happening.  Then I got pissed I couldn’t sleep.  Then I thought about hospital-grade breast pumps some more.

Then I finally got up and went to research it online.  Then I went insane because I couldn’t find the website for the birth center at my hospital, which I know exists.  Then I started wondering if I were crazy.  Then I got pissed that I couldn’t sleep.  Then I found out one of my friends was online too and talked to her for a couple minutes.  Then I went back to bed and tossed and turned for a while, getting angrier and angrier about not being able to sleep.

Then the alarm went off and I was devastated.  Then I inappropriately took it out on my husband for not being able to fix my problem of being almost totally sleepless.

Monday was awful.  Sean was kind to me.

So, last night, I came home and took a Benadryl right away.  I skipped dinner.  I took a long bath.  And at 730, I let C and R tuck me in and give me kisses.  I then passed out and only got up twice to go to the bathroom ALL NIGHT LONG.

Woke up stiff as heck from drugged sleep (yep, Benadryl is pretty hardcore) but feeling way better.

Oh, and Pascal’s fine.  He’s probably sleeping okay.  Doctor tomorrow for a checkup.


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