Plans For Today

October 8, 2011

Just a little mental list:

1) Get everyone up, dressed, cleaned, teeth brushed.

2) Get kitchen cleaned up.   dishes emptied and refilled.  Still need to clean veggies, wipe down counters, clean stovetop, put some more things away.

3) Grocery shop.  Oh, I should meal plan.  Still haven’t made gumbo and have everything for it.  Will do that tomorrow night.  Maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup some night this week.  Oh, and the organic chicken hot dogs we bought at Costco.  Oh, and something with the million sweet potatoes we have.  OK.  Meal planning done.  And buy some soups for lunches, it’s soup time! Oh, and frozen pizza or other meal for babysitter and kids tonight.

4) Obtain hot turkey bowl from Wawa for lunch.  I plan to eat this twice a week until the baby comes.  This likely means we will have to get everyone else Wawa lunch too.

5) We have discovered the odd smell downstairs comes from some animal who decided to pee on the rug.  GREAT.  Rent Stanley Steemer from grocery store?  Or some sort of cleanser.

6) Clean rug.  Try to make house smell better in other ways: bleach tablets in toilet tanks, empty all trash, scoop some baking soda into bottom of Diaper Genie (been meaning to do this anyway), turn on fans, open windows in various places.

7) Prepare for afternoon/evening wedding of old friend (I’ve known him as long as I’ve known Sean!): card, check, directions, get all pretty, set up for babysitter.

8) Decide what we’re feeding Sean’s family for breakfast tomorrow.  I am liking his dad’s suggestion that one of us just run out to Bojangles and buy the place out.  Biscuits make everyone happy.

9) Go to wedding.   Do something between wedding and reception.  Go to reception.  Come home.

10) Make to-do list for tomorrow which needs to also be productive.  Sean swears we won’t be out too late.  I don’t really believe him.


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