Issues with C

October 10, 2011

1) She’s been running to the bathroom every five minutes.  If I tell her she can wait (if we are, for example, driving somewhere, or if I am, for example, sick of escorting her to every single public bathroom), there are tears.  I’ve been unable to decide if this is behavioral or medical.  She had a bladder infection a few months back.  This time, though, she seems to conveniently forget about it if she’s distracted.   And more to the point, I’m running to the bathroom every five  minutes…

Went to the doctor today.  She does have a bladder infection again.  However, very mild, and the doctor agrees there’s likely a behavioral component as well.  Drugs tomorrow.  I’ve convinced her that she’ll get grown-up medication which will make her all better.

2) Tonight, she got in BIG trouble.  Time-out earned for running around in circles and falling down (and almost knocking A over) after being warned multiple times that it was now Quiet Time and there would be no more crazy play.  However, during five-minute time-out, I caught her having left her room and screwing around with a tea set (which I had already confiscated) in the hallway.

She’s done for the night.  I yelled.  Back in the room.  I’m going to go in and kiss her good-night in a few, and she will be going to bed early, before her sisters, and without any ice cream sandwich or Dancing With the Stars.  Too bad, too sad, as she herself would say.  I feel bad making her feel guilty, which I know I will, but yeah, completely unacceptable.  And it’s not like I’m beating her… I’m just telling her fun time is over for the night.  She had multiple chances to avoid this.




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