Monday Productivity

October 10, 2011

Okay, well, today was better than yesterday for getting things done:

  1. Got C to the doctor regarding the bladder infection.
  2. Sean did all the laundry, it’s almost done.
  3. House is picked up, or more picked up than it was, anyway.
  4. Caught up at work even with leaving early to take C in.  Know what’s coming up first thing tomorrow.
  5. Went through all the crap on my desk.
  6. Ordered estimates from a bunch more tile people
  7. Took out air filters for Sean to change
  8. Figured out dinner for tomorrow (calzones)
  9. Booked cleaning lady for this Friday

And, going to get to bed early.  YAY.  I need it.  This is wearing me down.  I’ve pinpointed my problem as “want to nest, but have no energy to”.

I also desperately, desperately, want to agree on a baby name with my husband.

I also want C to stop crying about being sent to bed early.  And I miss my cuddly baby.  A is KILLING ME.  The kid never stops moving and won’t let me hug her, because that might cramp her style.  Getting her dressed or changed is like wrestling with an octopus.  A heavy octopus.

Still need to resolve painting girls’ room, baby name, cleaning out dining room, and making an Ikea list.  And my fashion dilemma.  And my deep inner fears about being a horrible mother to a boy.  I just want him to be here so I can know it’s going to be okay and I’ll love him like I should.


2 Responses to “Monday Productivity”

  1. Deb Warren said

    While I know you’re venting, I just want to put my 2 cent’s worth in here and say:
    You’re a phenomenal mother. And you’re gonna still be a phenomenal mother when your son is born. Honestly, having had both types, they’re not that different untill they get to the point where they make their own conscious decisions, and by then you’ll be old hat at it. As for loving him? Ffft….he’s YOUR baby….of course you will, as soon as you get to hold him. (you already do, or you wouldn’t be so worried about it) I think once you get a chance to relax, and catch up everything else will fall back into place.
    His name? It’ll come. After all, it’s not like you’re going to send him to college without one. I wish there was a way to take the stress from you so you could have a few hours to just chill out and rest, without slipping into a “oh, I have to do..” frame of mind even for a second. Just remember, you’re fabulous. Sean’s awesome, and your kids are incredible.

    • Lindsey said

      Thanks. 🙂 I’m just all hormonal and stressy these days… and as for me being able to let go of “I have to do”, that will happen the day pigs fly. 🙂

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