A Dance With Dragons, So Far

October 11, 2011

About 1/3 the way through.  Spoilers behind cut.  Just felt like noting my thoughts.

It seems like half the people in this book wants either a Stark kid so they can control Winterfell and the North.  (Lannisters sending the fake Arya to the Boltons, the Boltons and the Freys believing in fake Arya, Manderly and now Davos knowing Bran and Rickon are alive (which was a nice surprise to hear, since I think of the Manderleys as good guys), Stannis wanting Jon to take the seat, not to mention in the previous book Brienne looking for Sansa and finding out about Arya being alive). I guess Winterfell is more important than it seems to be.  Do all these people think the North is just going to follow blindly after them if they get a Stark into Winterfell?

(And meanwhile, there’s Sansa wandering around in front of everyone in the Eyrie.  Bran and Arya are admittedly far afield.  I’m hoping to find out what’s up with Rickon sometime in this book.  Just got the hint that he’s somewhere dangerous and Davos will go after him… that’s where I am.)

The other half the people in this book are going after Danerys in, mostly surprisingly, a friendly way (Connington and Aegon to unite the house, Tyrion to get back at the Lannisters, Quentyn for an alliance for the Dornish, Jorah still trying to impress her, half of the east trying to marry her… also as I recall from the last book, Euron Crows-Eye was after her as well.)

Ramsay Snow Bolton is about as awful and gross as they come.  As worried as I am for poor Jeyne Poole, though, I really am looking forward to all these people showing up for his wedding and saying, “Um, Ramsay?  Roose?”  There’s a handful of people planning to go who will delight in telling him.  Cersei didn’t think this one all the way through.

Poor Theon.  I guess what goes around comes around, but ugh.  Was surprised to see him alive.  Is that what got Asha so excited about the idea of contesting the kingsmoot?  Finding out he was alive and missed it, so it could still be undone?  At least, that’s what I thought got her so excited, before she got attacked.  Speaking of the Ironborn, where’s the Damphair and what’s the significance of him being gone?

Who is Septa Lemore?  Tyrion wondered about it, so it’s got to go somewhere.

Being who I am, every Jon Snow chapter I hope to find out if Gilly’s son is being well taken care of at the Wall.  I keep getting disappointed.  Poor baby.

Varys seems to have been involved in a whole lot of crap.  Where is he these days, anyway?  And I miss Littlefinger.

People Who Need To Die In Horrible Ways:

  • Ramsay and Roose Bolton
  • Cersei
  • That Qyburn guy.  Something’s really screwy there.
  • All the screwed up dudes messing with Danerys (I’d like her to avoid the Mereneese altogether, they’re shady, and stick with Grey Worm and Belwas and Selmy and Jorah)
  • All the Freys
  • Melisandre.  That was actually a bit of a revelation for me when she tells what we know to be her first flat-out lie (“Oh Jon, your sister is marrying Bolton, I’ve seen it in the flames!  Sell your soul to me and I’ll save her!”)  I don’t doubt she’s got some sort of power, but she’s also a sneaky liar and she’s using Stannis.  I feel sort of bad for Stannis, who seems to be a nice guy in somewhat of the Ned Stark mold who got drawn in.
  • Robert Arryn (well, I don’t want him to die in a horrible way.  He’s a kid and he means well.  But man, is he ever annoying.)

People I like (mostly obvious):

  • The Dornish, pretty much all of them, even when they do stupid things
  • Sam Tarly
  • Davos
  • Tyrion
  • Barristan Selmy, Grey Worm, and Belwas the Strong
  • Sansa and Arya
  • Meera Reed.  Girl is tough.
  • Dolorous Edd.
  • Catelyn.  I’d be pissed, too.
  • Jaime, if he hadn’t pushed a kid out a window once.  I enjoyed very much his “screw that” attitude at the end of the last book.
  • Bronn the sellsword
  • Brynden Blackfish.  He’s neat.  It took me my second reading of the first four books to get what was going on with him.  It was similar to my (earlier, as it was more obvious) revelation about Loras Tyrell.  My gaydar has never been great.

People of whom I think, WTF:

  • Lord Beric.  WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THAT?  And as a corollary, Thoros of Myr.  It’s like a side plot for the longest time.
  • Varys
  • Danerys.  She’s in a bad spot.  I like her.  I’m not sure what I’d do differently.  But she sort of seems unable to make decisions, and she needs to get on with doing that.
  • Coldhands/Bran/Jojen/The Three-Eyed Crow/ The skinchanger guy in the prolouge/ Fake Pate in the end of the last book (who was he supposed to be?)  I don’t like it when things get too thick into fantasy.
  • Um, am I imagining this, or is there a Zombie Headless Gregor Clegane wandering around somewhere?

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